Emporia State UniversityCRAIG Grant

As the cost of textbooks continues to be a significant obstacle for many of the nation’s college students, the editor wishes to thank Emporia State University for the Class Resource Affordability Initiative Grant (CRAIG) that provided funding for the creation of an Open Educational Resource to be used with secondary education pre-service teachers of all disciplines in the Phase I course ED 333: Principles of Secondary Education

Additionally, peer review is essential to upholding the academic integrity in publishing and this OER would not be the product it is without the valuable feedback of content-area experts. Thank you to the following individuals for contributing their time to enhance the field of teacher education.


We would also thank the initial readers of this pilot edition of the text during the 2023-2024 academic year. Your feedback on the content, layout, readability, and more will be instrumental in the revisions that occur for the second edition. 

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