Future Editions

The first edition of this manuscript was developed over the 2023 spring and summer terms for immediate use in the fall 2023 semester. It was intended for use with Emporia State Unviersity "Phase I" secondary education candidates in the course ED 333: Principles of Secondary Education during their pre-student teaching semester. During this semester, candidates concurrently take classes on Classroom Management and Educational Psychology. Additionally, separate professional education courses are required for candidates that provide more detailed information on many of the topics reciving a cursory overview here (i.e., Introduction to Teaching, Assessment and Data in the Secondary Classroom, Instructional Technolgy for the Secondary Educator, Integrating Literacy Strategies Across the Secondary Contents, various disciplinary methods courses, etc.). Therefore, this text--perhaps more than others--is not meant to be an all-encompasing resource for secondary educators but rather focuses on the topics that are most beneficial for review as candidates in the target program engage in internships and approach their student teaching placement.

However, future editions of this text would be enhanced by including chapters on:

If you have suggestions about topics you'd like to see included, or are interested in authoring a future chapter, you may reach the editor at: adlickteig@gmail.com

Amanda Lickteig

Kansas State University

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