Challenge 5

Use LMS System Classes in Your Custom Content



Like any website, Learning Management Systems (LMS) use CSS to format content, such as buttons, images, progress bars, etc. Because this CSS is already on the page, you can use it in your own content in LMS modules by using the correct classes.

For instance, if you inspect a button in Canvas, you will notice that it uses the "btn" class. If you use this same class in your own content, you can mimic the formatting.

Another example is icons. If you look at the HTML for a notification icon, you might see something like the following:

<i class="icon-announcement"></i>

This can then be used in your own content to use the same icon. Simply paste it into your inspector or into the HTML editor.


Create some of your own content in a LMS and use the LMS's built-in CSS classes to format your content in ways not provided by the WYSIWYG editor. Include at least 5 class-based formatting elements from the LMS.

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