(Supplement) High Quality Resources on Aesthetics in Learning Design

Resource Title Description Link
A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words: Visual Design in E-Learning
Overview of visual design principles as applied to learning design. https://edtechbooks.org/-nEce 
The importance of visual design and aesthetics in e-learning Brief overview of visual design principles. Quick read and informative. https://edtechbooks.org/-vLFS 
Using Visual Design to Improve the Online Learning Experience: A Synthesis of Research on Aesthetics A review of the academic literature focusing on how to design online courses in an aesthetically pleasing manner. https://edtechbooks.org/-UYJL 
The Power of Simplicity Brief overview of simplicity/minimalism in learning design. https://edtechbooks.org/-QzcL 
The Essential Guide to Minimalist Design for E-Learning Short article providing practical advice for creating minimalist designs. Focus is more on visuals. Very little discussion of learning. https://edtechbooks.org/-VeBz 

Suggested Citation

(n.d.). A Course Reader for Learning Experience Design. EdTech Books. https://edtechbooks.org/eme_6606

Previous Version(s)

(n.d.). EME 6606: Advanced Instructional Design. EdTech Books. https://edtechbooks.org/-rvDN

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