• A Course Reader for Learning Experience Design
  • Module 1: Introduction to Learning Experience Design
  • Module 2: What do Learning Experience Designers Do?
  • Module 3: Empathy and Personas
  • Module 4: Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping
  • Module 5: Project Management in Learning Experience Design
  • Module 6: Aesthetics in Learning Experience Design
  • Module 7: Learning Design Evaluation
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    Theoretical Considerations of Learning Experience Design
    Researchers of learning design and technology (LDT) adopt theories from outside the field to design and evaluate educational technologies in a human-centered manner. We therefore propose a theory of Learning Experience Design (LXD) that draws from multiple traditions (i.e., user experience, learning design, and educational technology). The suggested LXD theory has the aim to guide designers, researchers, and educators in crafting effective learning experiences while taking into account the sociocultural, pedagogical, and technological dimensions of technology-mediated learning.