The educational technology field relies upon many abbreviations (e.g., acronyms, initialisms) in both technical literature and common language that may be difficult for novices to decipher. This page provides a simple key for interpreting many common abbreviations that community members are likely to encounter.
Abbreviation Meaning(s) Acronymic Pronunciation
AI Artificial Intelligence  
AR Augmented Reality  
CC Creative Commons  
CT Computational Thinking  
CMS Content Management System  
DBL Decision-based Learning  
DBR Design-based Research OR Design Research  
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (U.S.) FEHR-puh
FOSS Free and Open-Source Software FOHS
HEI Higher Education Institution  
ID Instructional Design  
ISD Instructional Systems Design  
IHE Institution of Higher Education  
IT Instructional Technology or Information Technology  
LMS Learning Management System  
LD Learning Design  
LX Learner Experience  
LXD Learner Experience Design  
ML Machine Learning  
MOOC Massive Open Online Course MOOHK
NLS New Literacy Studies  
NPS Networked Participatory Scholarship  
OER Open Educational Resource  
OEP Open Educational Practice  
OPM Online Program Management  
PBL Project-based Learning OR Problem-based Learning OR Practice-Based Learning  
PCK Pedagogical Content Knowledge  
PICRAT Passive, Interactive, Creative, Replacement, Amplification, Transformation PICK-rat
PLE Personal Learning Environment  
PLN Professional Learning Network  
PM Project Management  
RAT Replacement, Amplification, Transformation RAT
SAMR Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition SAM-ehr
SME Subject Matter Expert SMEE
SNS Social Networking Site  
SWAYAM Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds SWAI-yahm
TAM Technology Acceptance Model TAM
TPACK Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge TEE-pack
UDL Universal Design for Learning  
UX User Experience  
UXD User Experience Design  
VR Virtual Reality  
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