Graphics and Styling

This encyclopedia seeks to provide a uniform aesthetic and user experience and uses a basic style guide to ensure that visuals follow a common theme between articles. Beyond generic APA 7 formatting required of all submissions, the Editorial Board employs the efforts of graphic designers and other professionals to make all visual content elements follow the EdTechnica Style Guide. This provides a sense of unity and an important level of production quality to all materials published in the encyclopedia.


Custom typography should not be used in encyclopedia articles, and all text should be represented as text as much as possible rather than as part of an image (e.g., figure captions should be cropped from images and provided as blocks of text).

Any text that is included in images, such as labels on charts, should generally utilize Arial or another san-serif font.


Content should effectively use whitespace, and color should only be used as a uniform accent in figures and other elements. Whenever possible, figures should use grayscale and the approved color palette for the encyclopedia. Text, tables, and other elements should never have color.

Figure 1

The color palette for encyclopedia visuals

a five color palette for articles, including: #f2ca52, #d9a036, #bf6d24, #bf0f0f, and #730909

Figure 2

A figure example of PICRAT that uses appropriate style guide colors

picrat example image

Figure 3

A figure example of Bloom’s Taxonomy that uses appropriate style guide colors

picrat example image 2

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