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    This page provides guided instructions on how reviews should be conducted on new submissions and major revisions that are being considered for the encyclopedia. Submissions are only sent out for review after an initial editorial review has been conducted to ensure general content and stylistic alignment with the encyclopedia.

    Signing Up

    To volunteer as a reviewer, please send a resume or short CV to the Editorial Board.

    Time Limit

    To help streamline article reviews and to safeguard the donated time of our reviewers, we request that reviewers limit the amount of time they devote to reviews. Each review should take less than 30 minutes to complete, and time should be allotted as follows:

    1. Receive the invitation to review email
    2. Login to https://edtechbooks.org/-Rtr and accept or decline the review invitation (1 minute)
    3. Read the article (less than 10 minutes)
    4. Provide feedback to the authors answering the following questions (less than 15 minutes)
      1. Overall: How well does the article provide a general introduction to the topic for a novice adult, representing an international audience of educational technology researchers and practitioners?
      2. Concision: Does the article include any non-essential elements? If so, what?
      3. Completeness: Does the article leave out any essential elements (e.g., foundational work)? If so, what?
      4. Clarity: How well-written is the article (in terms of flow, readability, understandability)?
      5. Guidance: What changes should the author make prior to publication?
    5. Provide feedback directly to the editor (optional, but less than 3 minutes)
    6. Make a determination (1 minute)

      If the review is taking longer than 30 minutes, then this is a sign that the article needs to be revised to improve flow, quality, or readability, and it should be marked for resubmission.

      Grammar, Spelling, Formatting, and Punctuation

      If grammatical, spelling, punctuation, or formatting changes should be made, please note this in generic terms in the author feedback and do not spend time correcting the manuscript. Such corrections are the responsibility of the original author (not the reviewer), and encyclopedia copyeditors can assist in some cases.


      Given the short length of articles in the encyclopedia and our streamlined review process, we encourage reviewers to accept and complete a review within 2 weeks of invitation.


      Every Review Board member will be acknowledged in the encyclopedia and will also receive an annual certificate documenting their participation and highlighting pertinent impact metrics of their efforts.

      Figure 1

      Example Award and Appreciation Certificates

      example certificateexample certificate

      This content is provided to you freely by EdTech Books.

      Access it online or download it at https://edtechbooks.org/encyclopedia/reviewer_guide.