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    EdTechnica uses an open call for submissions. However, to help authors to know what topics we are interested in receiving and to facilitate collaboration between prospective authors, we provide this Article Planning Sheet for anyone to view. Additionally, if you would like to propose a term/topic or would like to commit to writing an article, please contact the editors at editor@edtechnica.org.

    Submission Steps

    1. If submitting an Encyclopedia Article, check the Article Planning Sheet to see if your topic has already been proposed by another author. If it has, please consider choosing a different topic or contacting the committed authors to see if they might be open to collaboration.
    2. Submit the Interest Form to let editors know you are interested in a topic. They will then add you to the Article Planning Sheet.
    3. Create an account on EdTech Books by logging in with your Google or ORCID account.
    4. Ensure that you have an email address listed in your profile. This is necessary so that we can communicate with you.
    5. Review all guidelines for the type of submission you are proposing.
    6. Submit your manuscript.

    Submit a Manuscript

    Interest Form

    Planning Sheet

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    Access it online or download it at https://edtechbooks.org/encyclopedia/submit_manuscript.