List of Authors

Alison Carr-Chellman

University of Dayton

Ali A. Carr-Chellman is Dean and Professor at the School of Education and Health Sciences, University of Dayton. She teaches courses in leadership and her areas of focus include systems thinking, lead...
Enilda Romero-Hall

University of Tampa

Dr. Enilda Romero-Hall is an Associate Professor in the Theory and Practice in Teacher Education Department at The University of Tennessee Knoxville. Dr. Romero-Hall serves as the Graduate Coordinator...
Suzhen Duan

Towson University

Suzhen Duan is an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Technology and Literacy at Towson University. Dr. Duan received her Ph.D. degree from the Learning Design and Technology program ...
David Wiley

Lumen Learning

Dr. David Wiley is the chief academic officer of Lumen Learning, an organization offering open educational resources designed to increase student access and success. Dr. Wiley has founded or co-founde...

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