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  • Paragraphs
  • Introduction to Essays
  • The Writing Process
  • Narrative Essays
  • Descriptive Essays
  • Classification Essays
  • Refining Writing
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  • Descriptive Essays AK


    1. Exercise: List descriptive words for the five senses

      1. Answers will vary
    2. Exercise: Free-write about descriptive essay topic

      1. Answers will vary
    3. Exercise: Make an outline

      1. Answers will vary


    1. Exercise: Evaluate thesis statements

      1. This is a great activity to adapt to your students’ needs. You could choose thesis statements from their first drafts and discuss them as a class or focus on different aspects of their thesis statements in various activities.
    2. Exercise: Fill in the missing topic sentence (answers will vary, examples provided)

      1. Being in nature is very relaxing.
      2. Studying in the library has many benefits.
      3. Working alone is more efficient.
    3. Exercise: Identify supporting sentences

      1. B
      2. B, C
      3. A, C
    4. Exercise: Fill in the concluding sentence (answers will vary, examples provided)

      1.  Determination separates excellent students from others.
      2. Therefore, having a positive outlook creates the ideal life.
      3. Considering each of these aspects of service can help a restaurant be ideal.
    5. Exercise: Identify topic, supporting, and concluding sentences

      1. CS
      2. SS
      3. SS
      4. SS
      5. SS
      6. TS
      7. SS
      8. SS
      9. SS
      10. SS
    6. Exercise: Organize a paragraph (original order in parentheses) 

      1. Therefore, the quality and taste of the food defines the ideal restaurant. (10)
      2. This is the moment you can check if this is the dish you chose on the menu. (7)
      3. The menu is important because in it you can see the options for food, drinks, and dessert that you can choose. Great restaurants have a menu with many options. (4)
      4. If the dish is as good as it looks, it makes you happy and satisfied to have chosen the dish on the menu. (8)
      5. After having been seated, the first thing people do is look at the menu. (3)
      6. Another feature of a great restaurant is that they serve delicious food. (1)
      7. Once you have ordered, they bring you dishes. (6)
      8. These varieties are good because when you go to the restaurant, you don’t always want to eat the same dish or pay the same price. (5)
      9. Delicious food is when it is fresh, the ingredients of the dish combine into a mixture of textures, and seasonings do not exceed the flavors of the ingredients. (2)
      10. After you check if everything is okay, it’s time to try the food and see if it surpasses your expectations because on the menu, the dishes look delicious, but at the table, sometimes they look different. (9)
    7. Exercise: Check your essay

      1. Answers will vary

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