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    Popular American Sports

         Sports are a cultural universal. It seems that you can go almost anywhere in the world and find people playing some type of sport or game. While playing sports is generally universal, the type of sports people play varies from region to region based on weather and culture. For example, people who live in very cold countries often have special sports that you can only do in cold weather. This is why ice hockey is very popular in Canada for example, where there are lots of winter sports. Sports may also vary by culture. There are some sports in many countries that are culturally significant sports. These sports pull families and friends together and create social situations. The three most popular sports in the United States are baseball, American football, and basketball.

         Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Many people play baseball because it is a very simple game that can be adjusted depending on the players and space available. Small teams can be formed with just a few friends, while larger teams can be formed if more players are available. The game is either played in a diamond-shaped field with four bases or any large grassy area. The only equipment necessary is a bat and a small ball, but some players also use gloves and helmets.

         There is one player who gets to try to hit the ball with his bat at a time. If he hits the ball, he can run from the home plate to the other bases and try to get home again. If he gets home again, his team gets a point. If he misses the ball three times, he is out, and another player can try to hit the ball. If one team has three players who all miss the ball, the other team gets to try to hit the ball. Baseball may be so popular in the United States because it is such a simple, flexible game.

         American football is another very popular sport that many people watch and play in the United States. The game is usually played on a 100-yard rectangle field with goal posts on each end, but it can be played in any large grassy area. The equipment that is needed for the game is a football and protective gear for the players. When the players play football, the teams line up on the field facing the opposite team. The team with the ball tries to get the ball to the end of the field. They can either have a player run with the ball or one player can throw the ball to another player. If they reach the end of the field with the ball, they get six points and it is called a touchdown. However, the other team tries to stop the player with the ball by tackling them. The team with the ball has four tries to run a distance of ten yards and if they can't do it, the other team gets the ball. Most high schools and colleges have their own football team and football field at their school because football is such a popular sport in America.

         The third sport that is very popular in the United States is basketball. Basketball is a very adaptable sport and can be played with large teams or one-on-one. It can be played inside or outside. It can be played on large, full-size courts or on your driveway. The equipment that is needed is just a basketball. The game itself is very simple One player gets to throw the ball in the hoop. If the player throws the ball from further away, it is worth three points. If he throws the ball very close to the hoop, it is worth one point. Any player can steal the ball from anyone at any time, so the game moves very quickly. Players can throw the ball to each other or they can run with the ball, but they have to bounce the ball while they run. Basketball is a very simple game that many people love to play.

         While all three sports are different, basketball, football, and baseball are all very popular sports for people to play and watch in the United States. There are organized teams for high schools and colleges as well as people who play them just for recreation with their friends. These sports may not be the same sports that are popular in every country because each country has unique cultural influences and regional conditions that shape the games and sports that are played there. While the individual sport may differ, it is very likely that anywhere you go, you will find people playing sports.


    Exercise 1: Identify the parts of an essay

    Read the example essay to complete this exercise. You have analyzed pieces of this essay throughout the chapter. Now look at the essay as a whole. Answer the following questions about the example essay.

    1. Label the introduction paragraph, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion paragraph.
    2. Circle the hook.
    3. What is the general topic of the essay?
    4. Underline the thesis.
    5. Underline each of the topic sentences.
    6. Do each of the topic sentences support the thesis?
    7. How does the conclusion paragraph begin? How does it end?

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