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  • Narrative Essays AK


    1. Exercise: Brainstorm

      1. Answers will vary significantly, no example provided
    2. Exercise: Write your thesis

      1. Answers will vary significantly, no example provided
    3. Exercise: Make an outline

      1. Answers will vary significantly, no example provided


    1. Exercise: Write and identify hooks (Hooks and types of hooks will vary. However, the general topics should be the same.)

      1. Paragraph 1

        Hook: How do you prefer to study?

        Type: question

        Topic: studying

      2. Paragraph 2

        Hook: College is a natural step for many seniors.

        Type: fact

        Topic: plans after graduation

      3. Paragraph 3

        Hook: Everybody experiences emotional moments in their lives.

        Type: fact

        Topic: most emotional moment

    2. Exercise: Evaluate thesis statements

      1. Not effective, announces
      2. Not effective, too general
      3. Is effective, states main points
      4. Not effective, too specific
      5. Not effective, not a statement
      6. Not effective, doesn't answer the prompt
      7. Not effective, announces
      8. Is effective, implies main points
      9. Not effective, incomplete sentence
      10. Not effective, too general
    3. Exercise: Re-order a paragraph

      1. The first week of the ELC was very busy! On Monday, I spent several hours in the computer lab taking tests. Monday afternoon, I attended the ELC orientation in my native language. On Tuesday, I had an interview with one of the teachers. On Wednesday, all of the new students met in the gym for more orientation and lunch. We also played a game together after lunch.  I went to BYU campus on Thursday to get my student ID card. On Friday, I received the results of my tests in an email from the ELC. When the ELC emailed me, I read the names of my teachers. I was very tired by the end of the week, but I was ready to start my first semester at the ELC.
    4. Exercise: Check your essay

      1. Answers will vary significantly, no example provided

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