Summaries AK

  1. Exercise: Write summaries (answers will vary, examples provied)

    1. The best thing to do when taking care of twins is to have a lot of love and patience. One thing people need to take into account is personality differences. All parents of twins and fraternal twins know very well that their children are different people with different personalities. Even if two children look the same that does not mean that they are the same. A way that parents can help their twins feel more like individuals is to spend time with each twin separately. For children, it is vital that parents promote their independence. To accomplish this, take advantage of any occasion they have throughout the day. Some examples of this are tying their own shoes, encouraging them to play alone, and helping them understand that it is good to have all different kinds of friends. One very important thing to remember is that as parents we are never perfectly trained. There is not an instruction manual to buy at the store on how to be the perfect parent. The good news is that many things we will learn along the way. We should ask for help from our spouse and rely on each other. As a couple, we can use the Spirit to ask for help from our Heavenly Father so we can choose what is right. With twins, there will be many long nights without sleep and days when you want to cry. That is why love and patience are essential.
    2. When it is time to be evaluated by your teachers or professors, you want them to remember you, and remember you in a positive way. As an experienced student, I know how to make a good impression on your course instructors. If you follow these fundamental steps, it should help.  First, before you go to class, you need to do all of the assigned homework and reading. Good preparation will help you to follow the teachers more easily, ask intelligent questions, and keep up with the class. Second, arrive to class a few minutes early. That way you can get a good seat and have enough time to get organized. You want to be ready so that you will not disturb the teacher and your classmates while the class is going on. For the same reason, you should also turn off your cell phone as you are getting ready. Next, always participate actively throughout the lesson. You need to make eye contact with your instructor. Take notes. If there is something that you don’t understand, wait for an appropriate time to ask about it. Finally, when the class ends, remain seated. Take a few minutes to collect your homework and make last-minute additions to your notes. If you still have questions, talk to your teacher in the classroom or you can send an email or clear up the confusion by going to the teacher’s office. If you follow these steps in all of your courses, you will do better on your tests, and you will be ready to get the good grades that you deserve.

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