Paragraphs AK

The answer key for the textbook section on paragraphs


  1. Exercise: Identify the topic and the controlling idea

    1. Christmas is the most important holiday for families in Mexico.
    2. Playing sports is one of the most popular hobbies for college students.
    3. My wedding day was the most memorable day of my life.
    4. Learning English requires patience and practice.
    5. Pizza is the most traditional dish in Chicago.
  2. Exercise: Identify an effective topic sentence

    1. D
    2. A
    3. C
  3. Exercise: Write your own topic sentence (answers may vary)

    1. Paragraph A
      1. Topic: an ideal teacher
      2. Controlling Idea: important qualities
      3. Example: A good teacher should be patient and passionate
    2. Paragraph B
      1. Topic: courage
      2. Controlling Idea: definition
      3. Example: Courage is an essential quality.
    3. Paragraph C
      1. Topic: YouTube
      2. Controlling Idea: why people spend time on it
      3. Example: YouTube can be very useful.
  4. Exercise: Identify supporting sentences

    1. A, B, E
    2. C
    3. B, E
  5. Exercise: Identify supportig topic sentences

    1. SS
    2. TS
    3. SS
    4. SS
    5. SS
    6. TS
    7. SS
    8. SS
    9. SS
    10. TS
  6. Exercise: Write supporting sentences (answers may vary)

    1. You should compare prices between various apartment complexes. You should visit their website and complete your application. You should take your documents to the main office.
    2. Healthy food will make your mind and body strong. Simply put a piece of fruit in your backpack every morning! Healthy eating doesn’t require a lot of cooking since raw fruits and vegetables are so good for you.
    3. Homework is a great tool for learning because it provides extra out-of-class practice. Practice is required to gain automatic use of the skills you learn. Homework lets you measure how well you understand something.
  7. Exercise: Identify concluding sentences

    1. C
    2. A
    3. C
  8. Exercise: Write concluding sentences

    1. Students should be patient when they practice these difficult grammar patterns.
    2. Because it is so easy and healthy, you should make vegetables and rice.
    3. If you visit the falls, you will see many tourists amazed by the beauty there.
  9. Exercise: Identify topic, supporting, and concluding sentences

    1. SS
    2. TS
    3. SS
    4. SS
    5. CS
    6. SS
    7. SS
    8. CS
    9. TS
    10. SS

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