The Writing Process AK


  1. Exercise: Practice understanding the prompt

    1. What are some benefits of learning English?
      1. descriptive/classification
      2. good results of learning English
      3. examples of benefits
    2. Describe an influential person in your life. Why was the person important to you?
      1. descriptive
      2. a person that influenced you
      3. reasons why they are important to you
    3. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Use reasons and examples to support your answer: Cell phones should not be used in class.
      1. opinion
      2. Should cell phones be used in class?
      3. reasons why agree or disagree
  2. Exercise: Practice brainstorming

    1. Answers will vary dramatically, no example provided
  3. Exercise: Practice outlining

    1. TH: English offers educational and vocational benefits.

      TS: English opens doors to education.

      TS: Getting a job is easier when you know English.

    2. TH: My great aunt taught me many important lessons.

      TS: She taught me how to love others.

      TS: She also showed me how important it is to be patient.

    3. TH: Cell phones should be banned in class.

      TS: Cell phones can be distracting to both the user and classmates who sit by them.

      TS: Cell phones should be banned because students often miss valuable practice when they use their phones for other things.


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