AcknowledgementsWelcome to Hybrid-Flexible Course Design!Unit I. Hybrid-Flexible Course Design to Support Student-Directed Learning Paths1.1. Beginnings1.2. Costs and Benefits for Hybrid-Flexible Courses and Programs1.3. Values and Principles of Hybrid-Flexible Course Design1.4. Designing a Hybrid-Flexible CourseUnit II. Implementation and Adoption of Hybrid-Flexible Instruction2.1. Teaching a Hybrid-Flexible Course2.2. Learning in a Hybrid-Flexible Course2.3. Supporting Hybrid-Flexible Courses and Programs2.4. Expanding the Implementation of Hybrid-Flexible Courses and Programs2.5. Evaluating the Impact of Hybrid-Flexible Courses and ProgramsUnit III. Hybrid-Flexible Implementations Around the World3.1. Fitting Flexibility Across the Curriculum3.2. One Size Fits None3.3. New Technologies Deliver on the Promise of HyFlex3.4. Using HyFlex in Statistics for Engineers and (Data) Scientists3.5. HyFlex in Northern Ontario3.6. HyFlex at Montana State University Billings3.7. A Faculty Transitional Journey from Single Mode to HyFlex Teaching3.8. Hyflex Learning within the Master of Teaching Program@KU Leuven3.9. Increasing Flexibility, Satisfaction, and Efficiency Using the Hybrid Flexible Approach3.10. A Modified Version of HyFlex3.11. Contribute Your Hybrid-Flexible StoryAppendicesAppendix A. Bibliography of Hybrid-Flexible Literature (using various terms)Appendix B. IndexAppendix C. Author AffiliationsAppendix D. Author Biographies
Appendix C

Author Affiliations

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