Unit III. Hybrid-Flexible Implementations Around the World

Chapter authors have all designed their own Hybrid-Flexible courses either as faculty or as instructional designers working with faculty. Their voices and stories provide a rich tapestry that is itself an example of a hybrid (mixed methods) flexible (changing, adaptive) approach to Hybrid-Flexible course design. This list is dynamic – additional chapters are added as they are contributed by those doing the work. (If you are interested in proposing a case report chapter, please see the ongoing call for proposals at the end of Unit III.)

Fitting Flexibility Across the CurriculumOne Size Fits NoneNew Technologies Deliver on the Promise of HyFlexUsing HyFlex in Statistics for Engineers and (Data) ScientistsHyFlex in Northern OntarioHyFlex at Montana State University BillingsA Faculty Transitional Journey from Single Mode to HyFlex TeachingHyflex Learning within the Master of Teaching Program@KU LeuvenIncreasing Flexibility, Satisfaction, and Efficiency Using the Hybrid Flexible ApproachA Modified Version of HyFlexVideo Lab HyFlex: Practical Experiences of Courses with Practical ApplicationsOne University’s Hybrid-Flexible ‘Studyflex’ Course Experience in Melbourne, AustraliaHyFlex Teaching and Learning at Bow Valley CollegeEvolving HyFlex from Emergency Measure to Sustainable Program: Northern State University HyFlex Learning: Starting from where you areHyFlexK12 A Pandemic HyFlex Story at Central Michigan UniversityHyFlex Programming as a Delivery Approach for Changing Student Demographics and DemandsContribute Your Hybrid-Flexible Story

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