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Guide for Design and Implementation of Hybrid–Flexible (HyFlex) Models in Adult Education

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, , & (2022). Guide for Design and Implementation of Hybrid–Flexible (HyFlex) Models in Adult Education. EdTech Books.
David Rosen

Newsome Associaates

Dr. David J. Rosen is the president of Newsome Associates in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Recently he has provided consulting, advising and professional development services to: the Illinois Digital Learning Lab; ProLiteracy International; Friends of Liberia’s Family Literacy Initiative; Georgia State University’s Center for the Study of Adult Literacy; the University of Memphis; and OTAN, in California. For decades, a major theme of his work has been engaging ways to integrate technology in adult foundational education, online and in-person, including for Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, and English for Speakers of Other Languages. He is the author and editor of the Adult Literacy Education Journal's "Technology Solutions for Adult Foundational Education Challenges" column, the author of the Adult Literacy Education blog at, the co-author of two online guides on blended learning for adult basic skills education, Blended Learning for the Adult Education Classroom and The What, Why Who and How of Blended Learning for Adult Basic Skills Learners . He can be reached at
Destiny Simpson
Destiny Simpson has worked in the adult education field for almost two decades. She started as a volunteer tutor and then became a teacher, program manager, and professional developer. In her role as a consultant for the EdTech Center@World Education, she helps to develop and facilitate courses, plan the annual IDEAL Consortium Summer Institute, and create resources for adult education organizations to use as they plan and implement distance education programs. She has a Master's Degree in Adult Education and Communications Technology.
Jen Vanek

EdTech Center@World Education

Jen Vanek directs the IDEAL Consortium at the EdTech Center@World Education, implements the field testing of technologies designed to support adults with basic skills needs, and provides PD and technical assistance to improve and expand opportunities for distance and blended learning in adult literacy and ESOL programs. She received her PhD in Curriculum & Instruction/Second Language Education at the University of Minnesota. She’s been working in the field of adult literacy since receiving her MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Illinois-Chicago in 1995. Her recent work centers on creating online content for Adult Basic Education (ABE) learners and supporting the professional development of ESL and ABE teachers in the area of digital literacy, distance learning, and adult career pathways.
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