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As researchers and teacher educators, our role is to explore research literature and work in the field to locate innovative and promising instructional strategies and resources, and then offer descriptions that help others integrate new ways of teaching into their work. In other words, we amplify innovative practice. To make this work possible, we rely on the generosity and curiosity of dedicated educators — who are willing to take risks, try new things, and share their experiences with us. This guide would not have been possible without the collaboration of the networks of teachers and administrators with whom we have worked in the past year. We want to thank the teachers and administrators we interviewed, joined in study groups and facilitated in online forums and discussion groups. Thanks also to conference and webinar attendees whose questions pushed our thinking and helped clarify the guidance provided here. Also grateful to reviewers and copyeditors for moving the work forward.

We would also like to acknowledge Dr. Brian Beatty and his past research and writing on the Hybrid Flexible model. Our earliest work on this project was to lead a group of adult ESOL and literacy teachers in a series of conversations on his book Hybrid-Flexible Course Design

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