Appendix A

HyFlex Videos and Resources

HyFlex in Adult Education Video Playlist

This YouTube playlist includes videos that show adult education teachers and learners in a classroom. The following videos are available in the playlist. 

EdTech Center HyFlex Webinar Resources and Resources

HyFlex Model in Adult Ed: Tips on Technologies & Strategies EdTech Strategy Session

In this session, the EdTech Center’s Jen Vanek briefly introduced key characteristics of the HyFlex model; then, two Arizona practitioners shared tips for implementation. Jennifer Duclos from Mesa Adult Education shared strategies for supporting learner engagement, and David Howden of Arizona Center for Youth Resources described the technologies needed to implement Hyflex courses. 

Effective Strategies for Learning: HyFlex Overview 

This one-pager for practitioners provides an overview of HyFlex as an effective strategy for remote learning. This resource also connects HyFlex to a larger remote ESOL ecosystem, and provides considerations for programs who are considering implementing the model.

EdTech Center Blog Articles

Professional Development

The Flex Models Google Group

The Flex Models Google Group is a national community of practice focused on preparing, piloting, and implementing HyFlex and BlendFlex models in adult foundational (pre-college) education. The online group is hosted by David J. Rosen, a co-author of this guide. If you are actively planning, piloting or implementing a HyFlex or BlendFlex model class or program and would like to join this group, contact David at

Project IDEAL Consortium Professional Development

The EdTech Center @ World Education is piloting professional development using this guide, providing presentations, and technical assistance for Project IDEAL Consortium states. For more information, contact Jen Vanek at or Jamie Harris at

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