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    Bert Aertgeerts

    KU Leuven

    Bohdana Allman
    Bohdana Allman is an educator, researcher, and learning experience designer. Her work focuses on designing and implementing online collaborative teacher professional development grounded in sociocultu...
    Tutaleni I. Asino

    Oklahoma State University

    Tutaleni I. Asino, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Educational Technology and Director of the Emerging Technology and Creativity Research Lab in the College of Education and Human Sciences at Oklaho...
    Jeff Batt

    Learning Dojo

    Jeff has 10+ years experience in the digital learning and media industry. Currently he is Founder and Trainer at Learning Dojo, a company dedicated to training you to become a software ninja in a vari...
    Robert Bodily

    Lumen Learning

    Dr. Bob Bodily is a Senior Data Scientist and Educational Researcher at Lumen Learning. He focuses on building educational data pipelines, creating actionable reports, and generating insights to impro...
    Elizabeth Boling

    Indiana University

    Elizabeth Boling is professor of instructional systems technology in the School of Education at Indiana University. Prior experience includes 10 years in design practice, five with Apple Computer, Inc...
    Cheryl Calhoun

    Santa Fe College

    Cheryl Calhoun is the Dean of Access & Inclusion at Santa Fe College where she taught information technology for over 20 years. Her experience spans higher education, non-profit administration, and se...
    Trudy K. Christensen

    Utah Valley University

    Trudy K. Christensen, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Digital Media Department at Utah Valley State College and founder and president of Learning Connections, a consulting company specializing i...
    Sheri Conklin

    University of North Carolina Wilmington

    Dr. Sheri Conklin is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Prior to moving into this role, she worked as the Director of eLearning over a team of Instructional Designe...
    Theresa A. Cullen

    Arkansas Tech University

    Dr. Cullen is a professor and the Department Head of Curriculum and Instruction at Arkansas Tech University. Previously she was the Director of Digital Strategy for the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Ed...
    John H. Curry

    Idaho State University

    John H. Curry is an Associate Professor of Instructional Design and Technology at Idaho State University where he teaches in the Instructional Design and Technology Master’s program and in the EDD i...
    Bucky J. Dodd

    University of Central Oklahoma

    Bucky Dodd, Ph.D. is the Chief Learning Innovation Officer and Director of the Institute for Learning Environment Design at the University of Central Oklahoma. Dr. Dodd is an innovator, master teacher...
    Jimmy Frerejean

    Maastricht University

    José Fulgencio

    Roosevelt University

    José "Jay" Fulgencio, Ph.D. is an instructor at Roosevelt University for the Heller College of Business, Organizational Leadership. Dr. Jay earned his Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Jay ha...
    Shanali C. Govender

    University of Cape Town

    Shanali is a lecturer within the Academic Staff Development unit at the University of Cape Town’s Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching. Her particular brief in the staff development team i...
    Susie L. Gronseth

    University of Houston

    Dr. Susie Gronseth is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Learning, Design, and Technology program area in the College of Education at the University of Houston (Houston, Texas, USA). She specialize...
    Lisa Harris

    Winthrop University

    Lisa Harris is an associate professor in the Education Core Department at Winthrop University and is the program coordinator for the Master of Arts in Teaching degree. She teaches courses in educatio...
    Brad Hokanson

    University of Minnesota

    Brad Hokanson is the Mertie Buckman Professor of Design Education in the College of Design at the University of Minnesota. He has a diverse academic record, including degrees in art, architecture, and...
    Peter C. Honebein

    Customer Performance Group

    Dr. Peter C. Honebein, co-founder and managing director of the Customer Performance Group, focuses his career on researching, designing, and developing innovative employee and customer performance imp...
    Tasneem Jaffer

    University of Cape Town

    Tasneem is a senior project coordinator and learning designer at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. She has worked as a learning designer for the last seven years and has prior expertise in ...
    Jacquelyn Claire Johnson
    Dr. Jacquelyn Johnson is a product development and user experience researcher. She graduated with degrees in Instructional Psychology and Technology from Brigham Young University. She has experience d...
    Sacha Johnson

    Idaho State University

    Dr. Sacha Johnson is a Senior Instructional Technologist at Idaho State University working in the Instructional Technology Resource Center (ITRC). She enjoys helping faculty with the learning manageme...
    Marshall G. Jones

    Winthrop University

    Paul A. Kirschner

    Open University of the Netherlands and the University of Oulu

    Benjamin Kohntopp

    Colorado Community Colleges Online

    Ben Kohntopp is an ID at CCCOnline and has 6 years of instructional design experience. He started his career at Colorado Christian University before moving to CCCOnline, where he has designed courses ...
    Ahmed Lachheb

    University of Michigan

    Dr. Ahmed Lachheb is a design scholar, a design practitioner, and a design educator. He serves as a Senior Learning Experience Designer at the University of Michigan's Center for Academic Innovation. ...
    Marco Marcellis

    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

    Florence Martin

    University of North Carolina Charlotte

    Dr. Florence Martin is a Professor in the Learning, Design and Technology program at University of North Carolina Charlotte. She received her Doctoral and Master's degrees in Educational Technology fr...
    Seth-Aaron Martinez

    Boise State University

    Seth Martinez, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Organizational Performance & Workplace Learning department at Boise State University. His scholarship focuses on expertise development, including t...
    Jason K. McDonald

    Brigham Young University

    Dr. Jason K. McDonald is a Professor of Instructional Psychology & Technology at Brigham Young University. He brings twenty-five years of experience in industry and academia, with a career spanning a ...
    Esther Michela

    University of Tennessee

    Currently a PhD student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, Esther is exploring issues of accessibility, empathy, Universal Design for Learning, and student interaction in the context of instruc...
    Beth Oyarzun

    University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Beth Oyarzun is a Clinical Associate Professor of Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She teaches fully online LDT technology courses and her resear...
    Rebeca Peacock

    Boise State University

    Rebeca Peacock is an Instructional Designer and Assistant Professor, Librarian at Boise State University. She has an MEd in Instructional Design and Technology from Wayne State University, an MSLIS fr...
    Charles M. Reigeluth

    Indiana University

    Charles M. Reigeluth is a distinguished educational researcher and consultant who focuses on paradigm change in education. He has a B.A. in economics from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in instructio...
    Albert D. Ritzhaupt

    University of Florida

    Dr. Albert D. Ritzhaupt is a Professor of Educational Technology and Computer Science Education, and the Associate Director for Graduate Studies in the School of Teaching and Learning at the Universit...
    Ann Roex

    Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    Justin Sentz

    Shippensburg University

    Justin Sentz is the Deputy Chief Information Officer & Executive Director of Academic Technology and User Services at Shippensburg University. His research interests focus on the management of cogniti...
    Kathy Sindt

    Colorado Community Colleges Online

    Kathy Sindt is a Senior Instructional Designer at Colorado Community Colleges Online, where she designs online courses for the Colorado Community College System. She brings 30 years of experience to t...
    Ashley Smith

    Brigham Young University Idaho

    Ashley Smith is an online Curriculum Designer for Brigham Young University-Idaho where he designs and develops online university courses for a worldwide audience. He also teaches an online business co...
    Jill E. Stefaniak

    University of Georgia

    Jill Stefaniak is an Associate Professor in the Learning, Design, and Technology program in the Department of Workforce Education and Instructional Technology at the University of Georgia. Her researc...
    Ross Strader

    Lumen Learning

    Vanessa Svihla

    University of New Mexico

    Dr. Vanessa Svihla is an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico with appointments in the learning sciences and engineering, and she directs the Interaction and Disciplinary Design in Educ...
    Lee Tran

    Colorado Community Colleges Online

    Lee Tran is an e-Learning Technologist at Colorado Community Colleges online, where he designs online courses, creates digital assets, and provides support to the instructional design team for the Col...
    Lydia Oluchi Ugwu

    University of Houston

    Lydia Oluchi Ugwu is a PhD student of curriculum and instruction at the University of Houston. Her doctoral research focuses on teaching strategies for diverse learners, teaching skills and competenci...
    Jeroen J.G. van Merriënboer

    Maastricht University

    Ellen D. Wagner

    University of Central Florida

    Dr. Ellen Wagner is a co-founder and chief research officer at PAR Framework. She also serves as vice president of research at Hobsons. In the past, Dr. Wagner has been a partner at Sage Roads Solutio...
    Richard E. West

    Brigham Young University

    Dr. Richard E. West is an associate professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University. He teaches courses in instructional design, academic writing, qualitative research...
    Justin N. Whiting
    Justin Whiting is an Instructional Designer for Intermountain Healthcare and Primary Children’s Hospital, and a Doctoral Candidate at Indiana University. Justin has more than 15 years of industry an...
    David Wiley

    Lumen Learning

    Dr. David Wiley is the chief academic officer of Lumen Learning, an organization offering open educational resources designed to increase student access and success. Dr. Wiley has founded or co-founde...
    Matthew L. Wilson

    Kennesaw State University

    Dr. Matthew L. Wilson is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology in the School of Instructional Technology and Innovation for the Bagwell College of Education at Kennesaw State University. ...
    Daniel R. Winder
    Daniel R. Winder has conducted research for business, industry, government, and education for over 20 years. His PhD from Utah State University was in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences, w...

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