CoverAcknowledgementsContributing AuthorsIntroductionThe Competencies for Instructional Designers in Higher EducationCommunicating Instructional Design with FacultyConducting Needs Assessments to Inform Instructional Design Practices and DecisionsManaging Instructional Design Projects in Higher EducationDesigning with Instructional Continuity in MindDesigning Non-Instructional Messages: Beyond TrainingImmersive Learning Environments: Designing XR into Higher EducationA Guide to Designing Accessible eLearningData-Informed Design for Online Course ImprovementLearning Analytics as a Tool for Improvement and Reflection on Instructional Design PracticesThe Use of Q Methodology to Evaluate Instruction in Higher EducationAn Examination of the People and Processes Involved in Quality AssuranceInstructional Designers Leading Through ResearchEmbedding Effective Instruction in Educational Technology Professional Development Programs

Contributing Authors

Each author who has contributed to this book is listed below in alphabetical order.

Author Name


Ahmed Lachheb University of Michigan
Albert D. Ritzhaupt University of Florida
Beth Oyarzun University of North Carolina Charlotte
Breana Hidalgo ConnectWise
Chris Millet The Pennsylvania State University
Christina Cestone University of Maryland, Baltimore
Christine K. Ormsbee Oklahoma State University
Colin Taper University of North Carolina Wilmington
Eric Belt University of Maryland, Baltimore
Florence Martin University of North Carolina Charlotte
Ginu Easow Biologics by McKesson
Grace Zhou Seo University of Missouri
Heather Elizabeth Dodds Independent Contractor
Javier Leung University of Missouri
Jessica Resig The Pennsylvania State University
Jill Stefaniak University of Georgia
Meimei Xu University of Georgia
Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez Oregon State University
Natalie B. Milman George Washington University 
Nikisha Watson ConnectWise
Penny Thompson Oklahoma State University
Rajagopal Sankaranarayanan Indiana University 
Ryan Watkins George Washington University
Sheri Conklin University of North Carolina Wilmington
Swapna Kumar University of Florida
Tanner Phillips Indiana University 
Victoria Abramenka-Lachheb Indiana University
Violet Kulo University of Maryland, Baltimore
Xigui Yang University of Georgia