• Acknowledgements
  • Contributing Authors
  • Introduction
  • The Competencies for Instructional Designers in Higher Education
  • Communicating Instructional Design with Faculty
  • Conducting Needs Assessments to Inform Instructional Design Practices and Decisions
  • Managing Instructional Design Projects in Higher Education
  • Designing with Instructional Continuity in Mind
  • Designing Non-Instructional Messages: Beyond Training
  • Immersive Learning Environments: Designing XR into Higher Education
  • A Guide to Designing Accessible eLearning
  • Data-Informed Design for Online Course Improvement
  • Learning Analytics as a Tool for Improvement and Reflection on Instructional Design Practices
  • The Use of Q Methodology to Evaluate Instruction in Higher Education
  • An Examination of the People and Processes Involved in Quality Assurance
  • Instructional Designers Leading Through Research
  • Embedding Effective Instruction in Educational Technology Professional Development Programs
  • Abstracts
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  • Endorsements
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