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Ace Your Instructional Design Job Interview

Insights & questions from a practitioner turned hiring manager
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Erica Zimmer
Listen to Cara, and read every word.  Cara mentored me through the interview process while I was job searching, and I was not only able land interviews but eventually land my dream job thanks to her advice. As an ID hiring manager, she knows what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for.  Her advice set me up for success and gave me the confidence to pursue that dream job.
Randa Taftaf

University of South Florida

The world of instructional design is ever-changing as are job descriptions and even job titles of instructional designers. This makes the instructional design field a very tricky landscape to navigate---especially for someone new to the field. This book is a godsend for someone trying to break into the field. Although your level of experience, educational background, and portfolio are all important elements to consider, the job interview is by far the most important. Once you secure that interview, you are so close to landing that dream job and that's what makes this book so amazing. Cara is a hiring manager herself and THE North Star when it comes to the field of instructional design.  Not only does she simplify and clarify the interview process,  but she also shares some insider tips and tricks that will help you knock your potential employer's socks off. I am living proof that this book works as she has helped me land my DREAM job in less than 3 months. Thank you, Cara! You have forever changed my life for the better!
Shonn Cheng

Sam Houston State University

This is a timely and extremely useful book for anyone who is thinking about looking for a job in the field of instructional design and development but not sure how to prepare for the job hunting process. This book offers you important insights into the lengthy, sometimes discouraging, process from the insider's perspective. Cara, a renown instructional designer and hiring manager at Silfex, did a great job to break down the whole process and offered clear directions on what is needed to ace the job market. This book is the key to the door of securing an instructional design position with success.
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