How do you promote team camaraderie?

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What I emphasize in higher education interviews

    • I'm a first-generation college student- navigating college for me was hard but I had some fantastic people in my college including my scholarship advisor who constantly checked in on me to see how I was doing. Her impact on me has been vast and I want to advocate for other students who may need additional support like I did. 

    • I'm service oriented- I talk about my dedication and commitment to instructional design through volunteering, mentoring others, my job service, and conference speaking engagements. Instructional design is truly my bliss and passion, so much so it's also my hobby.

    • My formal education- because ya know, they want someone who believes in what they are selling.

    • My academic publications and service- I talk about how I was an officer for an academic professional development organization, the topics of my peer-reviewed publications, and research interests. 




    What I emphasize in corporate interviews

      • I'm an accidental ID- like so many other instructional designers, I "fell into" being an ID through my work in a call center. After I had my first taste of learning and development, I knew that's what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I haven't looked back since but I did take the time to backfill my formal educational credentials to help elevate my work experience more. 

      • I am a business partner-I see my role in ID as someone who works will all parts of the business to help others succeed and perform their jobs better

      • Through my work, I want to help the business- my learning experiences are tied to key performance indicators (KPIs) of the business and I collect feedback on all learning experiences to make sure it's hitting the mark for the organization and the end users. 

      • I am a team player- even today as a manager, there are days I need to go facilitate training, put lunch away, etc. As a leader I set the tone for how the department runs and what is expected. I lead with heart and empathy and even if something isn't "my job" I'm going to do it if it needs done. 



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