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I recently was part of a cool event organized by Devlin Peck where I held a mock interview with an aspiring instructional designer, Aleksandra Drobik. That webcast was well attended and people had a lot of questions that sadly we didn't get to because of time. 

What skillset(s) should a teacher wanting to transition to ID look to harness and strengthen so it looks appealing to an interviewer?

Plenty! Also sidenote any employer who grills you for being a teacher looking to transition to an ID, don't 

I understand that compatibility in values is crucial for both the employer and employee. What questions should the candidate ask to help determine a "good fit"?

Shakespear said it best: to thine own self be true. First you need to identify what YOU value. Some of the things I value include: automity 

What pulls you off in an interview? Is it how you feel? Is it some specific skills the candidate has or doesn't have?

As a former teacher and current student in a grad certificate program for ID, I'm confused about my job prospects. It looks more and more like a gig economy, but ideally I'd like to work in-house for a training and development dept. Should I brace myself for repeated interviews for gigs instead, or do you have suggestions for seeking longer-term employment opportunities?

How do you weigh the decision of determining if the following is potential hire? An “ID” with 5 years experience of quality design and development work in eLearning, Facilitator Guides (written) and PowerPoint, but no experience in Analysis or Implementation or Evaluation.

How do you handle questions about measurable results when you've worked places where that hasn't been emphasized?

My online portfolio contains work and skills that I am strongest in, how focused on a particular skill-set are most interviewers, or does the project they are interviewing for dictate whether the strengths shown will get the call?

What is the potential ID has experience in mainly troubleshooting old (legacy) eLearning training in the following eLearning authoring tools; Adobe Captivate and a little with Articulate Storyline BUT has experience a year’s worth experience of working with a Learning Management System in terms of uploading courses for testing purposes? What are your thoughts on these limited eLearning experiences? Is this worthy enough to hire or pass up?

Do you prefer to hire holistic Instructional Designers with experiences (not just theories) working in the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation phases (ADDIE model)? This is not always the case with many ID jobs because it is a Team Effort where other roles are responsible for the different phases?

What is the best way to provide a portfolio? As a hiring manager do you prefer a link to a website that displays everything? Or would you rather have a small sampling pulled together in a "book" format PDF?

In regards to interviews for higher ed Instructional Designers, what are some of the design processes (for example Dick and Carey) that interviewers would want to hear?

What would be best to showcase in a portfolio? (Especially for a new ID)

If you have 3 candidates, how do you pick the best?

How key is familiarity with the industry the ID would be entering, to be considered?

Cara, what are questions that a candidate may ask that raise a red flag for you?

I currently teach psyc and I am familiar with many LMSs and many of the theories outlined online. I will take an Adobe suite of classes soon. Is there any other software I should learn outside of Adobe and Articulate 360?

How do you standout during a 2nd interview?

If there is a teacher transitioning in to Instructional design. How do they answer some of the tougher SME related interview questions?

I know it depends on the job descriptions, but what comes to YOUR mind when you think of IDs? Is it eLearning or Facilitator Guide content creators or LMS infrastructure teams or Graphic Designers, etcetera?

Most of the interviewers asking how we can deliver the projects in formal way? And how could gap analysis can conduct. Etc etc


Should we also say our purpose in our design was to solve the client's current problems as well.

Tips for panel interview on google hangout

Had a great interview with a candidate. Person seems like a front-runner for the position. Candidate does not send a thank you email afterward. Does this change the possibility of making a job offer?

Meh, my opinion I'm on the fence about it. It could be a little difficult to track down email addresses for folks depending on who sets up virtual job interviews. It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me because honestly if that's the worst thing they ever do, it's a great day.  

What is the starting salary for an ID?

I've found for higher education IDs (junior roles) can be $35,000-$50,000 USD and for starter roles in corporate ID can be from $55,000-$75,000 USD. 

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