U1 Extend Your Learning

You can extend your learning (make it wider or deeper) by completing any of the activities below. 

Activity 1.1

Prepare to perform a poem in a class poetry slam. Find a poem in a book or on the internet that you like. Or you can present one of your own self-created poems. Practice reading it aloud. Then, perform the poem for the class. 

The class can snap instead of clap. This is how the audience shows they appreciated the performance. 

Activity 1.2

Record yourself reading or singing a poem that you wrote. Work with your classmates and your teacher to make a CD or Youtube video compilation of your class's poetry. 

Activity 1.3

Prepare to do a poetry walk. Print one or more of your poems and make a poster to display them. Hang your poem poster with your classmates' posters in a room or hallway to make a poetry gallery. Walk around the room to read your classes' favorite poems. 

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