U1 Writing Assessment

Show how much you have learned about writing poetry by completing this assessment. 

U1 Vocabulary and Concept Terms Assessment

Write the concept term in the blank for each definition. 

Word Bank:

line,   rhyme,   rhyme scheme,   stanza,   syllable 

1. ________ A phrase that compares to unlike things using the word “like” or “as”

2. ________ Language that creates pictures in the minds of the people reading or listening

3. ________ A phrase that compares to unlike things without using the word “like” or “as”

4. ________ Words containing sounds similar to the noises they describe

5. ________ Representing objects or qualities as humans

Write an example of each type of literary device. 

6. personification


7. imagery


8. onomatopoeia


9. simile


10. metaphor 


U1 Grammar Assessment

Circle the subjects and underline the predicates in these sentences. 

1. The fresh lemonade tasted like summer in a cup.

2. The elevator dinged softly as it arrived at the forty-fourth floor. 

3. Before I knew my name, I knew I didn't like green peas.

4. The big blue coat swallowed me like a whale in the middle of the Pacific ocean. 

Finish each phrase so that it is a complete clause. 

5. My mother __________________________________________________________________. 

6. __________________________________________________________________ threw the ball high. 

Label each sentence by its sentence type. Write SI for simple, CP for compound, CX for complex, and CC for compound-complex. 

7. ___ The wind whistled low through the valley, and the grass bowed to greet it.   

8. ___  The tree branches tapped persistently on the dim windows. 

9. ___  As soon as the little fat cat saw the bowl of creme, he took off for it at his speediest waddle. 

10. ___  When fall became winter, the ice conquered the lake, but it knew its victory would be short-lived.

Use your knowledge to use grammar strategically to write poetry. 

11. Create a poem using a variety of sentence types with complete clauses.


12. Create a poem that intentionally only uses subjects or only uses predicates. Do not use any complete clauses in this poem. 


U1 Poetry Writing Assessment

Write 3 poems.  

1. Write a poem about nature using the devices, concepts, and strategies you have learned in this unit. 


2. Write a poem that uses a set rhyme scheme.


3. Write a poem about anything using any form of poetry. This poem must be at least 3 lines long. 


Exercise 1.58

Reflect on your thinking during this unit and plan to act on your metacognitive reflection. Answer the questions below using complete sentences.

1. What is the most interesting thing that you learned in this unit and why is it the most interesting?

3. How did you use the writing process in this unit? 

4. What strategies from this unit did you find effective and efficient for you?

5. What strategies from this unit did you find not effective and efficient for you?

6. How can you use what you learned from this unit in other types of writing or other areas of learning? 

7. What will you do in the future based on your answers to questions 1-6?

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