U2 Writing Assessment

Show how much you have learned about writing poetry by completing this assessment. 

U2 Vocabulary and Concept Terms Assessment

Answer the questions below on the lines. 

1. What is an "act"?


2. What is a "scene"?


3. What is "catharsis"?


4. What is the difference between a tragedy and a comedy?


Write the letter of the literary device next to its example.

Literary Devices: 

   A. Hyperbole     B. Euphemism     C. Diction     D. Oxymoron     E.Alliteration

1. ___ He was laid off last month.

2. ___ I'll be there. No problem, Bro. 

3. ___ I could eat a cow. 

4. ___ The editor wants me to turn in an original copy by 8 o'clock sharp.

5.___ "Let us forego the fierce fight for fried chicken and get a burrito instead. How about it?"

U2 Grammar Assessment

Rewrite the lines below to be more informal by using contractions.  

1. Mr. BARLOW and HANK [together] You can not go over there!


2. EMILY. [sitting to the left of Herbert] They will never finish in time. 


Rewrite the lines below to be more formal by using expansions.   

3.  LADY WEBSTER. [sipping daintily from a teacup with delicate, painted flowers] The neighbors aren't going to let that gossip go quietly.


4. HEADMASTER LEE. What's happened here? [He approaches the window.


Choose the correct verb or phrase to match the formality or informality of the situation.

Word Bank: ask for     request     block off     obstruct     be right back     return     die off     quiet     stick together     unite              

A Short Play at a Diner 

by Ana Barraza

MAN 1: Can we get some menus over here?!

MAN 2: [trying to shush his companion] The waitress was coming. No need to shout. 

MAN1: [shrugs as the waitress approaches]

WAITRESS: [flipping open her order book as she walks over. She arrives looking slightly tired, but keeping her customer service smile bright.] Welcome. What can I get for you?

MAN 1: I don't know. We don't have menus. [Man 2 looks slightly abashed but says nothing. The waitress gives them 2 menus. The men look over their menus.]  I'll have a number 3 with a side of toast. Don't burn it. And a coffee. 

MAN 2: I'd like the Early Bird Special with eggs over easy and an orange juice. Can I 5)__________the cook to add extra hot sauce to the special?

WAITRESS: Sure. So I've got a number 3 with toast and a coffee and the Early Brid Special with eggs over-easy and extra hot sauce and an orange juice. Will that be everything? [The men nod.] m'kay. I'll 6)__________with your drinks. 

[The two men return to a murmured conversation. The waitress brings their order to the cook behind the counter and sighs.] 

COOK: [noticing the waitress's expression] What happened?

WIATRESS: Just a rude customer. Nothing I can't handle. [She tries to smile it away.]

COOK: Alright. But if he keeps bothering you, let me know. We gotta 7)__________, you know. [The cook tries to look helpful and the waitress gives him a smile, a real smile this time.

A Short Play at a Fancy Function

by Ana Barraza

MR. DAVIES is a lawyer with slightly greying hair. He has been sat most unfortunately at the same table as Ms. Lock and Mr. Jersy. Ms. Lock is the pretty daughter of a wealthy, well-to-do family who fills her time with championing a number of worthy causes. Mr. Jersy is another patron of the hospital who made his money in timber. He is balding but tries to hide it. 

MR. DAVIES: Well, I usually work more with intellectual property law than environmental law. I do have a bit of knowledge about corporate law, but mostly I deal with patents. 

MR. JERSY: [not seeming too upset by Mr. Davies's profession, more by the matter he is discussing.] I do not think they should be able to halt my business, just for a few fish. Its...Its... Its something under the law. I tell you. 

[Ms. Lock nods in a pacifying way, but after an evening sitting next to Mr. Davies at what should have been a lovely fundraiser, she is inclined to side with the fish. Mr. Jersy is focused on Mr. Davies regardless, so he doesn't see her peace offering.]

MR. DAVIES Well if the protesters 8)__________ your business, you might have something there. However, you would do better to check with...

MR.JERSY [interupting] They stole equipment too! [His dining companions look suitably shocked as do a few other guests at the surrounding tables. The other guests try to politely ignore the outburst.] A wood chipper and a few chainsaws. I've had to start chaining up my chainsaws! It's a pain for the loggers to deal with. They shouldn't have to keep everything under lock and key in the middle of nowhere. These 'protesters' [sarcastically] should 9)__________ my property. 

[There is a pause as Mr. Jersy tries to catch his breath. He realizes his voice had been rising and takes a drink from his glass to calm down a little. Mr.Davies takes a drink, so he doesn't have to fill the silence.]

MS. LOCK [Giving up the idea of a peaceful dinner, she takes up the cause of the failing fish and the not-so-legal protests] I think, Mr. Jersy, that while these protests inconvenience your workers, your business inconveniences the fish more. [Mr. Jersy tries to interrupt, but she continues] You are killing off their population. You should 10)__________ the effect on the ecosystem downstream. All those coral reefs.[She shakes her head. Mr.Davies finds himself following her lead before he stops himself.] ... If the protesters should give back what they have taken from you, then you should give back what you have taken from mother nature.[Her face lights up as she has a good idea.] ... Actually, I have been thinking about getting involved in this charity I heard of. We need to take care of our planet. Of course, we do. The oceans. The forests. We really could use a man of your expertise, Mr. Jersy.

Mr.JERSY: [surprised] Me?

MS. LOCK: [nodding enthusiastically. Her eyes are glittering with visions of a bright future for industry and the environment.] You could help us to save the reefs and keep logging. What do you think, Mr. Jersy?

Use your knowledge to use grammar strategically to write a scene for a play. 

11. Think of the characters from a play that you've read or seen. Write a new short scene using those characters that strategically uses connected speech and at least one idiom. 


U2 Plays Writing Assessment

Choose one of the prompts below. Write your response on a computer or on paper as directed by your teacher. 

1. Write a one-act play comedic play. 

2. Write a one-act play set in a historical time. It can be any type of play.

3. Write a one-act tragic play. Include catharsis in your play. 

Exercise 2.62

Reflect on your thinking during this unit and plan to act on your metacognitive reflection. Answer the questions below using complete sentences.

1. What is the most interesting thing that you learned in this unit and why is it the most interesting?

3. How did you use the writing process in this unit? 

4. What strategies from this unit did you find effective and efficient for you?

5. What strategies from this unit did you find not effective and efficient for you?

6. How can you use what you learned from this unit in other types of writing or other areas of learning? 

7. What will you do in the future based on your answers to questions 1-6?

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