U3 Extend Your Learning

You can extend your learning (make it wider or deeper) by completing any of the activities below. 

Activity 3.1

Prepare to perform a short story read aloud. Find a short story in a book or on the internet that you like. Or you can present one of your own self-created short stories. Practice reading it aloud with emotion. You might also try to include facial expressions or gestures. Then, perform the short story for the class or another audience. 

Activity 3.2

Listen to https://youtu.be/6BOYRr48GFY and write a review of the story. Pretend you work for a newspaper. What would you tell the public about this story? Would you recommend it? Why or why not?

Activity 3.3

Create a short story anthology. An anthology is a collection of writing that is united by a theme. Work with a group or your whole class to create an anthology of your self-written short stories. 

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