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  • Unit 3: Short Stories
  • Unit 4: Speeches
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  • U4 Writing Assessment

    Show how much you have learned about writing speeches by completing this assessment. 

    U4 Vocabulary and Concept Terms Assessment

    What are the 3 rhetorical appeals? Write the three appeals. Then write a brief definition of each one.

    1. ________: 


    2. ________:




    Answer the questions below on the lines. 

    1. What is a "theme"?


    2. What is the "rule of three"?


    Write an example of each type of literary device. 

    6. epistrophe


    7. anaphora


    8. juxtaposition


    9. symbolism


    10. tone


    U4 Grammar Assessment

    Label the sentences below "P" for parallelism or "NP" for no parallelism.

    1. _____ We will not go quietly. We will not go meekly. 

    2. _____  The issue of privacy in the digital age is one that we must address. If not, in ten years, our children will have less identity security than ever before.

    3. _____ Climate change is being addressed carelessly and with little thought for the future.

    4. _____ Now is the time for more careful thought, more dedicated action, and more permanent solutions. 

    5. _____ Children need time to play, learn, and grow. 

    Finish the sentence or paragraph so that it includes parallelism.  

    6. Gender equality in education is __________, ___________, and __________. 

    7. Increased migration of peoples between areas and countries can be attributed to ____________________ and ____________________. 

    8. The refugees of the world ______________________________________________________________________. 

    9. If we do not work now to bring fresh water to the people of __________, the ____________________, the ____________________, and the ____________________, then there are many who will continue to suffer. 

    10. The youth of the world are our future;______________________________; ______________________________. 

    Write an introduction paragraph for a speech about a local issue that uses parallelism. 


    Write a conclusion paragraph for a speech about a local issue that uses parallelism. 


    U4 Speech Writing Assessment

    Choose one of the prompts below. Write your response on a computer or on paper as directed by your teacher. 

    1. Write a 4-5 minute speech about a local issue. This could be an issue that affects you, your family, your school, or your community. Use one or more rhetorical appeals and literary devices. 

    2. Write a 4-5 minute speech about a topic that interests you. Your speech should use all three rhetorical appeals and at least one literary device. 

    3. Write a 4-5 minute speech about a global issue. Your speech should be both informative and persuasive using rhetorical appeals and literary devices. 

    Exercise 4.65

    Reflect on your thinking during this unit and plan to act on your metacognitive reflection. Answer the questions below using complete sentences.

    1. What is the most interesting thing that you learned in this unit and why is it the most interesting?

    3. How did you use the writing process in this unit? 

    4. What strategies from this unit did you find effective and efficient for you?

    5. What strategies from this unit did you find not effective and efficient for you?

    6. How can you use what you learned from this unit in other types of writing or other areas of learning? 

    7. What will you do in the future based on your answers to questions 1-6?

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