• Creative Writing for ESL Learners
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  • Unit 1: Poetry
  • Unit 2: Plays
  • Unit 3: Short Stories
  • Unit 4: Speeches
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  • Unit 2: Plays

    two preformers acting out a playImage: Jithin Murali, 2021

    Warm-Up Questions:

    Unit Objectives

    By the end of this unit, you will be able to ...

    • write creatively using literary devices.
    • discuss plays using theater-specific terms and knowledge of play conventions.
    • write different types of plays that express my ideas to readers.
    • write using grammar strategically to sound natural when spoken aloud.
    • analyze plays for meaning using literary devices and grammar.
    • listen purposefully to plays for the meaning and features of plays.
    • speak by projecting and using accurate pronunciation when reading or acting out plays.

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