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  • Inclusiveness in Instructional Design & Development of Informal Learning Experiences: From Cultural Lenses
  • Gab, Parler, and (Mis)educational Technologies: Reconsidering Informal Learning on Social Media Platforms
  • Justice-Oriented Lurking: How Educators Lurk and Learn in the Marginal Syllabus
  • Parents Caring, Sharing, and Learning Together Online: An Examination of Information Seeking and Learning Strategies Utilized in an Online Health-Related Support Group
  • Informal Learning Experiences on Social Media: The Case of #MarketingTwitter
  • Learning Without Borders: Moving Beyond the Comfort of the Classroom Cohort to an Inter-cohort
  • Place-Making for Informal Learning in an Online Programming Course
  • Free Asynchronous Professional Development By, From, and For Instructional Designers: How Informal Learning Opportunities Shape Our Professional Learning and Design Practices
  • Instructional Designers’ Use of Informal Learning: How Can We All Support Each Other in Times of Crisis?
  • Undergraduate Students in Online Social Communities: An Exploratory Investigation of Deliberate Informal Learning Practices
  • Designing Online Professional Learning to Support In-Service and Preservice Teachers Adapting to Emergency Remote Teaching
  • Bridging the Informal and Formal Learning Spaces with WhatsApp
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