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  • A Model for Developing Instructional Design Professionals for Higher Education Through Apprenticeship
  • A Study on the Services Motivating Instructional Designers in Higher Education to Engage in Professional Associations
  • Addressing the Challenges of Program and Course Design in Higher Education with Design Technologies
  • An Exploratory Study Examining Instructional Decisions, Strategies, and Ethics in Social Work Education
  • Chopped ID: Students Engaged in Gamification to Enhance Advanced Instructional Design Techniques
  • Enhancing Instructor Credibility and Immediacy in the Design of Distance Learning Systems and Virtual Classroom Environments
  • Importance of Instructional Designers in Online Higher Education
  • Standardization of Forms, Templates, and Processes for Implementing an E-Learning Program with a Decentralized Instructional Design Team
  • What Models are Instructional Designers Using Today?
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