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  • A Model for Developing Instructional Design Professionals for Higher Education Through Apprenticeship
  • A Study on the Services Motivating Instructional Designers in Higher Education to Engage in Professional Associations
  • Addressing the Challenges of Program and Course Design in Higher Education with Design Technologies
  • An Exploratory Study Examining Instructional Decisions, Strategies, and Ethics in Social Work Education
  • Chopped ID: Students Engaged in Gamification to Enhance Advanced Instructional Design Techniques
  • Enhancing Instructor Credibility and Immediacy in the Design of Distance Learning Systems and Virtual Classroom Environments
  • Importance of Instructional Designers in Online Higher Education
  • Standardization of Forms, Templates, and Processes for Implementing an E-Learning Program with a Decentralized Instructional Design Team
  • What Models are Instructional Designers Using Today?
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    SeriesThe Journal of Applied Instructional Design
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    The Journal of Applied Instructional Design

    July 2020

    Table of Contents

    The purpose of this journal is to bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing reflective practitioners a means for publishing articles related to the field. The journal establishes and maintains a scholarly standard with the appropriate rigor for articles based on design and development projects. Articles include evaluation reports (summative and formative), lessons learned, design and development approaches, as well as applied research. The articles are based on design and development projects as opposed to pure research projects and focus on lessons learned and how to improve the instructional design process. Rigor is established through articles grounded in research and theory.

    A secondary goal of this journal is to encourage and nurture the development of the reflective practitioner in the field of instructional design. This journal encourages the practitioner as well as collaborations between academics and practitioners as a means of disseminating and developing new ideas in instructional design. The resulting articles inform both the study and practice of instructional design.

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