K-12 Blended Teaching

A Guide to Personalized Learning and Online Integration
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This book is your guide to blended teaching in K-12 spaces. It was designed to help both pre-service teachers and in-service teachers prepare their classes for blended teaching. This book begins by orienting you to the foundational dispositions and skills needed to support your blended teaching practice. Then you will be introduced to four key competencies for blended teaching:

  • Online Integration – ability to effectively combine online instruction with in-person instruction.
  • Data Practices – ability to use digital tools to monitor student activity and performance in order to guide student growth.
  • Personalizing Instruction – ability to implement a learning environment that allows for student customization of goals, pace, and/or learning path.
  • Online Interaction – ability to facilitate online interactions with and between students.
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Book Reviews

Ryan Cain

Instructor of Teacher Education
Weber State University

[This book has] been indispensable in my instructional technology courses. Each semester, my students thank me for these high quality resources that they don't have to pay for.