About This Series

This series is a guide to blended teaching in K-12 classrooms. It is a follow-up to The K-12 Blended Teaching: A Guide to Personalized Learning and Online Integration (Volume 1).

K-12 Blended Teaching (Vol 1) Book Cover

The purpose of this series is to provide rich examples of four key blended teaching competencies from a disciplinary perspective. Volume 2 is an introduction to the series and the discipline-specific book editions within the series. The image on the cover represents the four core competenices introduced in Volume 1 as roots that feed the disciplinary branches of the tree.  The four competencies are essential to blended teaching in all the disciplines though often implementation of the competencies looks different across disciplines.

K-12 Blended Teaching (Vol 2) Book Cover

Each book within the series focuses on blended teaching examples within a different teaching discipline.  Below are examples of what a few of the discipline specific editions of the series look like.

Covers for K-12 Blended Teaching Series Disciplinary Book Editions

The first three chapters of each book in the series are the same and provide definitions and an overview of the blended teaching framework. Subsequent chapters are organized into sections that focus on blended teaching in the specific discipline. Each series edition has the following discipline-specific chapters:

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