Share Your Experiences in K-12 Blended Teaching1. Introduction to K-12 Blended Teaching2. K-12 Blended Teaching Competencies3. Evaluating Blended Teaching4. Elementary Education (ElEd): Intro to Blended Teaching5. English Language Arts (ELA): Intro to Blended Teaching5-1. ELA: Why Blend?5-2. ELA: Online Integration & Management5-3. ELA: Online Interaction5-4. ELA: Data Practices5-5. ELA: Personalization 6. Social Sciences: Intro to Blended Teaching7. Secondary Math: Intro to Blended Teaching8. Science: Intro to Blended Teaching9. World Language: Intro to Blended Teaching10. Career Technology Education (CTE): Intro to Blended Teaching11. Family Consumer Sciences (FACS): Intro to Blended Teaching12. The Arts: Intro to Blended Teaching13. Music: Intro to Blended Teaching14. Physical/Health Disciplines (PE): Intro to Blended Teaching15. Special Education (SpEd): Intro to Blended Teaching

Share Your Experiences in K-12 Blended Teaching

We are looking for video examples across disciplines.  If you have a good example of blended teaching that you are willing to share please let us know by filling out this interest form.

Check out Volume 1 of K-12 Blended Teaching for information on the four core blended teaching competencies: (1) Online Integration, (2) Data Practices, (3) Personalization, and (4) Online Interaction.

Below are some of the disciplines where we would love to find good video examples:

  • Elementary Math
  • Elementary/Early Childhood Literacy
  • Elementary Other Subjects (Science, Social Studies, etc.)
  • Special Education
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL)
  • Secondary English Language Arts
  • Secondary Engineering
  • Secondary Family Consumer Science Teaching (cooking, sewing, etc.)
  • Secondary Foreign Language Teaching
  • Secondary History
  • Secondary Math
  • Secondary Music (choir, band, orchestra, etc.)
  • Secondary Performing Arts (dance, drama, etc.)
  • Secondary Physical Education
  • Secondary Science
  • Secondary Social Studies
  • Secondary Visual Arts (drawing, painting, photography, etc.)