2.2. Coding

… teachers with an overview of Coding and how it is being taught in the K-12 setting.Coding is simply a language that a computer can use to complete a task. It is…Research shows a growing need for Coding in the job market. Computing jobs are…… computational thinking strategies with Coding as part of the curriculum in elementary…Coding involves problem-solving, perseverance, collaboration, mathematical logic,…… first start with the belief that Coding is for everyone and everyone needs to…Coding touches on most of the ISTE (International Society for Technology in…… feedback on their work. During the Coding process students troubleshoot and…Many times during a Coding project students need assistance to troubleshoot their…… develop an idea and use their Coding to seek a solution. These students are…The last ISTE standard Coding meets is the one that is most obvious. That is…While the idea of teaching Coding may seem overwhelming and complex, basic Coding… computers might start with simple Coding programs. Simple Coding programs for…… teaching “plugged” Coding, computer availability might be a concern.…For many Coding games or apps, once the blocks are arranged, a program can be…… progress from simple to more complex Coding concepts and teachers can track…… to aide in the integration of Coding across the curriculum. Much of what is…… H. (2013, October 3). Should Coding be the "new foreign language" requirement?…… May 26). 10 reasons to teach Coding [Blog post]. Retrieved from is Coding in the K-12 classroom important?Coding and its relationship to ISTE StandardsWhat Coding looks like in the classroomCoding resources and additional studyBasic Coding ConceptsCoding with ScratchLow or No-Cost Coding Tools for the Classroom… Books to Encourage a Love of CodingWeb-based Software for CodingRobots for Hands-on Coding ApplicationCoding Resources for Professional Study

2.3. Computational Thinking

3.5. Universal Design for Learning