Anti-racism PedagogyAppropriationCritical CurriculumCritical Digital PedagogyCritical Emotional LiteracyCritical LiteracyCritical Media LiteracyCritical PedagogyCritical Race TheoryCritical ReflectionCritical Reflective PracticeDecolonizationEcofeminismEducational EquityFeminist Critical Digital PedagogyFeminist PedagogiesIntersectionalityMarginalizationpedagogy of oppressionPowerPower RelationsPraxisRacialized studentsReconciliation and decolonizationRedliningSocial JusticeStructural ViolenceWhite Fragility

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Agency and Reciprocity in Digital Education
Agency and Reciprocity in Digital Education

In this chapter, I share the lessons I learned while sewing handmade kamiks with my mother-in-law, an Inuvialuk elder. Drawing on the work of Ursula Franklin, I compare the holistic technologies of sewing in communities with the prescriptive technolo…