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Foundations of Learning and Instructional Design Technology

This book received the 2018 AECT Outstanding Book Award!

"What is this field?" "Where have we come from as a discipline, and where are we going?" "What do I want to study?"These and other questions are typical for new students in the field of Learning and Instructional Design Technology. This textbook is designed to help answer these questions and provide the quickest route to understanding the history and current trends in the field. After surveying classic theories and writings, as well as more recent applications of theory and practice, students will be better prepared to chart their own course and careers within the discipline. This book is designed to support foundations courses common in departments, as well as seminars on current trends and issues.

The Students' Guide to Learning Design and Research

Written by students for students, this book is a continually-evolving class project for students of educational technology, learning, and instructional design.

Academic Slide Design

Welcome to Academic Slide Design: Visual Communication for Teaching and Learning. This book combines what is known about multimedia learning, universal design, visual perception, and graphic design to create a new vision and new method for building more effective slides. The goal of this book is to teach you—the busy educator or instructional designer—how to apply techniques of effective visual communication toward creating slides that better assist students with understanding and remembering information conveyed during live lectures.

Comprehensive Individualized Curriculum and Instructional Design

This open textbook addresses the population of individuals with disabilities that experience complex lifelong needs across multiple areas in their lives. Drs. Sennott and Loman drafted this book (along with the help from some friends) with the hope of providing pertinent, practical, and current resources to future special educators who plan to serve individuals with complex disabilities.

Learning Environment Design

A collection of readings on Learning Environments Design. Created for CI-603: Advanced Learning Environments Design graduate course at Iowa State University.

Narrative in Instructional Design

Stories and storytelling have been part of the human experience for centuries. Stories were the means of keeping histories and preserving cultural practices and legacies. Additionally, teachers used stories to help learners remember important information and relate more personally to concepts being taught. Narrative learning theory contends that, not only are stories an important teaching tool, they are in fact integral to learning. Narrative theory explores how learners make meaning through constructing personal narratives to structure information and experiences. In this book we explore narrative learning theory in the context of instructional design through articles originally published in Educational Technology magazine.

Project Management for Instructional Designers

Project Management for Instructional Designers (PM4ID) is a textbook about project management tailored specifically for instructional designers, intended for use in graduate programs in educational technology. This book is based on a pre-existing openly licensed textbook which was donated to the commons by a benefactor that desires to remain anonymous, and has been collaboratively revised and remixed by faculty and students at Brigham Young University.

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