HW 7.2 Finalize Your MSDLAs

Developing MSDLAs to Use as They Teach ELs and All Students
Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate knowledge of and use of practices and strategies related to planning, implementing, and managing ESL and content instruction 

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due Session 8

Teachers create postiive and powerful learning experiences for ELs by using MSDLAs in their practice. 

Students have experienced MSDLAs as learners and are working to develop MSDLAs for their own students they teach. They will now finalize their plans for sharing in session 8.


1. Students have been developing a set of MSDLAs for their major project in this course. They will now make finishing touches to be prepared to share this assignment in session 8.

2. Bring this assignment to class next week, prepared to share your work with others. 

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