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  • Session One: Positioning Myself to Integrate Content and Promote Academic Language
  • Session Two: Deepening Understanding of TELL Conceptual Tools
  • Session Three: Building Knowledge of Vocabulary
  • Session Four: Strengthening Curriculum by Adjusting for ELs
  • Session Five: Learning from Feedback
  • Session Six: Practicing Developing MSDLAs
  • Session Seven: Enacting an MSDLA to Review SIOP
  • Session Eight: Demonstrating My Knowing of Integrating Content and Language Instruction
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  • LA 7.1 Sharing My Learning and Professional Development

    Reflecting on Preparing for Teaching and Engaging in Practices for the Standards for Effective Pedagogy


    Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

    Demonstrate knowledge of and use of practices and strategies related to planning, implementing, and managing ESL and content instruction 

    Assessment: 25 pts.

    TA: 10  Minutes

    Articulating their knowledge enables teachers to implement the principles that guide best practices in their regular, day-to-day teaching with ELs. 

    Students read and explore videos that taught them about Sheltered Instruction (SIOP) and the Standards for Effective Pedagogy and reflect on their learning and their attempts to enact these ideas in their teaching. 


    1. In a shower of ideas, participants share their thinking as insights and wisdom come to them. 
    2. During this course you have learned about and reflected on your use of the Standards for Effective Pedagogy. You have also been learning about sheltering instruction for second language learners. Identify an event when you wondered about or shifted your instruction. Record the details of this experience and your response. 
    3. Participate in a shower of idea, by sharing your insights from your practice and your learning.
    4. The facilitator will post ideas as you share.   

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