LA 5.3 Reviewing Practice, Application and Lesson Delivery

Applying Reading to Practice and Lesson Delivery


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate ability to manage and implement standards-based ESL and content instruction .

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 15  Minutes

Teachers can embrace strategies that address the needs and strengths of ELs in their classrooms.

Students have read in Making Content Comprehensible for several weeks. Now they read chapters 7 and 8 and take notes to consider how well they are enacting practice/application and lesson delivery.


 1. Have the reading guide you filled out as you read chapters 7 and 8 in Making Content Comprehensible with you.

2. Discuss with your group important points you noticed and ahas you may have had. Talk about how well you are currently embracing what you learned. Consider how you can change your practice informed by this reading.

3. Consider with your group members next steps you could take to apply this learning in your work with ELs.

End-of-Chapter Survey

: How would you rate the overall quality of this chapter?
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  2. Low Quality
  3. Moderate Quality
  4. High Quality
  5. Very High Quality
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