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  • Session One: Positioning Myself to Integrate Content and Promote Academic Language
  • Session Two: Deepening Understanding of TELL Conceptual Tools
  • Session Three: Building Knowledge of Vocabulary
  • Session Four: Strengthening Curriculum by Adjusting for ELs
  • Session Five: Learning from Feedback
  • Session Six: Practicing Developing MSDLAs
  • Session Seven: Enacting an MSDLA to Review SIOP
  • Session Eight: Demonstrating My Knowing of Integrating Content and Language Instruction
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  • LA 7.3 Displaying My Self-Portrait

    Embracing ESL Principles and Strategies with Students


    Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

    Demonstrate ability to manage and implement standards-based ESL and content instruction,

    Assessment: 25 pts.

    15 Minutes

    Teachers will create their self-portrait to explain the strategies, relationships, and management needed for teaching English learners and all students. 

    Students have learned about the five standards for effective pedagogy, SIOP principles, and MSDLAs. Now they prepare a self-portrait of themselves to express the many things teachers of English learners need to manage.


    1. Hang your self-portrait on the wall along with the rest of the class.

    2. The class will do a gallery walk to view all the self-portraits displayed. Enjoy looking at the different ways each person completed their self-portrait as well as the things they included as important items to keep in mind as we teach ELs.

    3. Return to your seats and the facilitator will ask for comments and ahas from your observations.

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