LA 6.3 Creating MSDLAs to Teach SIOP Principles 

Designing an Activity Center to ReviewMaking Content Comprehensible


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate ability to manage and implement standards-based ESL and content instruction .

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 30  Minutes

Teachers will be able to design, create, and enact instruction that attends to content and language instruction to apply in their daily teaching of EL students.

Students have read all the chatpers in Making Content Comprehensible. They will, in assigned groups, create an MSDLA center to teach one of those chapters. This activity reviews the principles learned from this reading.


1. The facilitator will assign each student to a small group and their chapter from Making Content Comprehensible, and they will work together based on that chapter. The rubric for the assignment is linked here.

2. Each team will review their chapter, design how students at the center will learn about the topic, and determine a product that students at the center will create. The center should be about 12 minutes long.

3. There needs to be a student task card for directions as well as materials so those at the center can create their product. The product needs to show the students' understanding of principles included in the chapter.

4. This center will be enacted in session 7 (LA 7.2), so if you don't finish tonight, you'll need to finish it by next week where it will be enacted.

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