We thank the 53 authors who offered their voices and made this book possible. Not only are they devoted learning designers, educators and researchers, but they have our special thanks for their patience and commitment during the publishing process, much of which happened during a pandemic.

Thank you to the peer reviewers who spent their precious time giving valuable feedback on the chapters to the authors. We asked reviewers to work with chapters with kindness, and to look for what might best serve a community interested in learning design work. We thank them for approaching the review process in a spirit of critical friendship - the chapters are better for their input. 

Thank you to Michelle Willmers who provided excellent guidance on publishing an open book and provided support during the copy-editing process. A grateful thanks to Larry Erhuvwuoghene Onokpite and Debbie Kay Dewes for meticulous copy editing.

Thank you to Phathu Designs for the lovely book cover which transformed our thoughts into beautiful imagery, representing our global world and voices.

Thank you to the University of Cape Town Teaching Grant for the initial grant and Digital Open Textbooks for Development (DOT4D) for further funding to support a much bigger project than anyone anticipated.

Thank you to our colleagues and peers at the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching at the University of Cape Town for providing us with an enabling environment to support such endeavours.

Thank you to the team at EdTech Books, especially Royce Kimmons, who provided publishing support on this dynamic and flexible platform.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge each other as editors, for keeping going through many challenges, complementing one another’s skills and for sharing a vision about the importance of ensuring that the voices of learning designers from a range of contexts are heard.

Thank you.

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