• Learning Design Voices
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Provocation: What might learning design become in the post-COVID university?
  • Provocation: Compassionate learning design for unsettling times
  • Provocation response 2
  • Provocation: The challenge of designing learning experiences
  • Provocation 3 Response
  • Translations
  • Provocation 3 Response

    Inclusive online assessment practices in distance learning education explored through autoethnographic narrative vignettesDesign principles for developing critique and academic argument in a blended-learning data visualisation courseTen principles of alternative assessmentRe-imagining authentic online assessment for large classes in a low-tech environmentEquity is not an add-on: Designing an inclusive training course for EdTech AdvisorsDesigning and adapting for community with Intentionally Equitable HospitalityHow to insert design into the emergency online response – learning designers’ reflectionsAdaptable ABC: Learning design for all E-Learning tools for contrasting contexts Rethinking and recasting the textbook

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