• Introduction
  • 1. How to Retrieve Data From a Single Table
  • 2. How to Retrieve Data from Multiple Tables
  • 3. Using Functions
  • 4. How to Insert, Update, Delete Data in Tables
  • 5. Summary Queries and Aggregate Functions
  • 6. Working With Subqueries
  • 7. SQL Views
  • 8. SQL Indexes
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  • 5.5

    Using the HAVING Clause

    Filtering Aggregate Functions With The HAVING Clause

    • The HAVING CLAUSE allows you to use an aggregate function as a filter. This is not allowed in a WHERE clause.
    • Any columns or expressions you want to use in a HAVING clause, MUST BE DEFINED IN THE SELECT CLAUSE as well.

    Code Sample:

    USE bike;
    SELECT category_id, AVG(list_price)
    FROM product
    GROUP BY category_id
    HAVING AVG(list_price) > 1000



    We previously discussed the preceding lines of code for this query so we will focus solely on the HAVING clause.

    HAVING AVG(list_price) > 1000

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